Dear Friends,

(Ps 27:13–14).

      I remain confident of this: 

         I will see the goodness of the LORD 

         in the land of the living. 

   Wait for the LORD; 

         be strong and take heart 

         and wait for the LORD.

The last two years especially have been a complete change of life for most of us. It has been a time of confinement and for many what seems to have been a type of imprisonment. At the present time there seems no end to the “rule” of the Coronavirus. But, let us not be deceived, Jesus remains on the Throne! He will never stop building His church whatever powers are at work in the “world”. His Name carries full authority and we must be ready when He wants take us forward and challenge the kingdoms of this world.

If the Lord has been making one point it is to take advantage of the secret place. Generally, we underestimate the value of time spent simply being with God alone. There is no other real place of continuing spiritual empowerment. We need to learn to make time and take full advantage of going on being filled with the Holy Spirit. We need the mind of Christ when seemingly insoluble situations come our way. We must wait on the Lord until He shows us the answer in whatever way he chooses. It is important to remember that no work of hindrance of the devil should pre-occupy us by its scheme but cause us to ask the Lord the question “why” from His point of view. There can then be a way forward because we are now listening to what the Lord wants to achieve and that may be very different to our own thoughts. It brings us back to the Scripture in Isaiah 55:8,9:-

      For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

         neither are your ways my ways,”

           declares the LORD.

      “As the heavens are higher than the earth,

         so are my ways higher than your ways

         and my thoughts than your thoughts.

The Lord reminds us that He is in control when humanly speaking everything seems to be falling apart.

In 2022 we will need new perspectives to navigate the present world arena, travel restrictions, etc.. Can the kingdom of God prosper? It most definitely can and will. Our responsibility is as the opening Scripture states, “to wait for the Lord” who has ways we did not realise before. Often, we get too used to works and methods. The Scripture is full of the Lord’s unusual ways of defeating the enemy. Those ways came by revelation and that has not changed. Therefore, let us not just tread the old ways but always be open for something new and different which will take us forward with fresh hope and courage.

God’s great goodness is for the “land of the living” bringing abundant life because we are fully satisfied with Him. He is the full reward to be found in 2022.

God bless you,

Pastor Keith Pascoe