a. To  be an independent ministry for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ and     His Kingdom only. To develop and restore joining churches, and plant new churches for communities. The churches will minister to all age groups and all sections of the community.  

b. To  develop a fully functioning church base in Chileka, Blantyre to which all other arms of the ministry will relate.  

c. To offer assistance to individuals and families, of any background, for their spiritual restoration, that they may have dignity in the sight of man and favour with God.  

d.  To provide assistance, both spiritual and practical, for orphans and unsupported elderly people in Malawi. The main focus is to provide caring homes for elderly people. (Well trained staff will be provided.)

e. To provide resources and training to give young people skills in order to provide for themselves.  

f. To  visit those in prison and to show compassion to their relatives, that they may receive the full benefit of God’s word and love.   

g. To provide Christian-based Primary and secondary education to enable students to achieve recognised certification for their future higher education or advancement of their careers. 

h. To provide nursery facilities to assist single mothers so that they can attend a place of work.   

i. To pray for Malawi and other nations for their restoration, development and up-building in every way, especially that they may seek the LORD themselves and live according to all the commandments stated in the Bible.   

j. To evangelise the people of Malawi that they may benefit from the love and blessings that come to all those who respond to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

k. To work in co-operation with like-minded organisations to build and restore the Kingdom of God in Malawi and in other nations. 

l. To  create missionary assistance to help individuals build and restore Christ’s church in other nations. This will include sending individuals and teams of workers to preach, teach and minister in Christ’s Name to other nations. 

m. To be a faith ministry supported by the finances of God’s people as He encourages and moves them to give. 

n. To  accomplish everything revealed in the vision given to Apostle Mary Pascoe. The preceding items commence that fulfilment.