Newsletter at 26th June 2023

 Dear Friends,

The first half of this year has been most interesting for us. It really started with some shaking by the Lord. We said goodbye to some members including a pastor. We then needed to make up lost ground we felt and begin to re-establish some parts of the work at the base church. At the same time it was wonderful to see new development amongst the youth. A worship dance group was formed and at Easter made its first performance at the base church. We also baptised about 30 people during the Easter gathering. Praise God! A young boy was born-again during the Communion Service Easter morning too! Hallelujah! 

The base church has certainly needed to be our focus. The Lord has started to bring in significant new people too. They are strongly supporting the leadership for which we are grateful to the Lord. This is a time for new expansion after the shaking. There is a sense of the Holy Spirit giving us “New Wine”! We are so encouraged to have been part of the Malawi Repentance Crusade following through the prayer during May and going into the crusade this month. It is a real answer to prayer for the need of this nation. To see more than a thousand pastors coming to participate in Blantyre alone has been overwhelming. Repentance must precede revival. Revival is what we are here for, of course. 

The Lord is showing us we are right on course for what He wants to do. More significant events are upcoming which we believe the Lord will use to increase the spiritual hunger we all need at such a time as this.

 I expect to bring more good news as the year goes on.

 God bless you,

 Pastor Keith Pascoe