Newsletter at Christmas 2022

Dear friends,

 I would like to share news about our family and ministry as we are coming up to Christmas. Our family has had a good year. It is so good to see all our grandchildren growing and maturing in the Lord. I am blessed to see Sarah and Samson regularly coming to my office to use a computer or to play games on my phone! They are truly into our modern world. Two teenagers, Gloria and Grace, who stay with us (their parents work for us) also are learning computer skills and enjoy the movies I download for them!

 In the early part of the year I was blessed do engage in regular prayer ministry with most of our base-church members. The second half of the year has proven more difficult since I had a severe bowel infection in June which put me in hospital. The Lord truly answered everyone’s prayers and step by step, after a few months, I fully recovered. Praise God! It is good to be ministering again now, regularly teaching at our base-church. Recently I have started a discussion group for the teenagers of our church. It is going well as they learn to share and discuss on all sorts of topics. 

My wife, Apostle Mary, is always busy. She has just been too Zimbabwe and renewed her passport. During the year she has travelled frequently to our branch churches around southern and central Malawi. The Lord keeps visiting His people on these trips. Last month was a highlight when she took a ladies’ conference shared with another apostle from Uganda. There were powerful dealings by the Spirit of God amongst them. Forgiveness was the theme and many people were helped out of bitterness. The bishop who organised the conference presented my wife with a staff as a token of thanks at the end. My wife felt so honoured. Our base church still needs a lot of work for it to grow and the Lord is currently teaching us how to grow in the knowledge of God and worship Him in spirit and in truth. We are moving forward. 

My wife’s son, Wayne, now serves as a pastor/teacher with us and he is being greatly used by the Lord. He is such an encouragement to us all. His wife teaches the children Sunday mornings and helps me with prayer ministry. They have 4 children who are participating well in the church.

 The word the Lord has given us for 2023 is “Grace”. This year it was harvest. Another apostle from Uganda recently visited us and encouraged us greatly in the Lord. At the end of his stay he gave us a prophetic word that he could see a wave of grace coming, granted by the Lord.

 We come to Christmas, therefore, with much thankfulness in our hearts to the Lord, grateful for our year. Certainly, we go on proving we have a great salvation in Christ and He goes on taking us from glory to glory.

  We pray that you will be blessed this Christmas knowing since the first Christmas that God is “Immanuel”. Yes, He is always with us.

 God bless you,

 Love in Christ,

 Pastor Keith Pascoe